LUCOZADE SPORT - John Kavanagh

Made to Move with John Kavanagh

Lucozade Sport Ireland hosted an amazing day with Coach John Kavanagh in his legendary SBG gym, Dublin. For their first ever public Made To Move session, the warrior maker shared knowledge on agility and strength. 

"Overall reach hit just over 1 million (1,102,770)"

Lucozade Sport Ireland also offered the ultimate competition prize to fans, an opportunity to win a training regime in a high-intensity MMA workout with John Kavanagh - Head Coach of UFC Champion Conor McGregor and one of the top MMA coaches in the world.

In terms of social media stats, Facebook was the standout. Overall reach from Made To Move with Coach Kavanagh’ content hit just over 1 million (1,102,770). This was amassed across 4 separate posts.